Expert Audio/Video Training – Captivate With YouTube Live

Expert Audio/Video Training – Captivate With YouTube Live

These over-the-shoulder videos will help you to understand how to best use this platform to organize and grow your business.

Here’s a list of the video titles included in this training:

1. Overview
2. Minimum Equipment Needed For Desktop
3. Equipment Not Required But Good To Have
4. Equipment For Mobile
5. Creating an Account
6. Channel Status and Features
7. Setting the Upload Defaults
8. Setting Up the Branding
9. Creating An Associated Website
10. Private Vs. Unlisted Vs. Public
11. Going Live From Your Desktop
12. Using the Events Tab
13. Advanced Info and Settings for Live Streaming
14. Google Hangout Settings
15. Google Hangouts Left Margin Tools
16. Alternative For Presenting Live with Slides
17. Third Party App With Restream
18. Streaming Through Mobile
19. Additional Features
20. Conclusion


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